Game guide for endings

Underground Map

Cross the river where there're three rock near each other, then cross some magma flow. Talk to right soldier to get some Eye Drops. Use green icon crystal to get higher defence and taunt. Boss is weak against thunder. If you skip this boss, you will lose the next boss too.

Mountain Map

Between stairs go right and up, the soldiers will be dead if you had skipped the last boss. Talk to right soldier to get Antidote. Use red crystal, character goes berserk but inflict poison to boss.

Town and Castle

If first boss above is defeated, you can't use the inn, but if both are defeated, a soldier outside of inn will give you some Ether. If both defeated, one of the heroes at the castle will tell you about the princess being lost. If you skip both bosses, a guy will be standing in front of Ether and Cottage and you can't buy them. But if you skip both bosses, inn will be usable.

Forest Map

In any situation unless sleeping at inn or using Cottage, princess will be here. Go to the right at some where in the middle, find a way to pass the tree walls and cross the river. This boss is afraid of cats. No need for recovering the party just have enough amount of Ether for a character who use yellow crystal to block his vision and escape from fascination by the boss.

Final Map

Before continuing head back to castle, the hero who told about princess will give you a key. There are three houses in this map one is out, no door sound, one is open and one is with  closed sound, if you have the key, you can open this door. One of the heroes has captured one of the bosses, but he will escape, after following them to the left. Blue crystal has reflect effect, defeat the last boss and finish.

the two other ending are defeating at least one of the three bosses and with using at least one of the crystals and head to the final map. And skipping everything and go to the final map.

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